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The Bristell B23-915 Turbo took part in glider towing comparison flights

Last weekend, the brand new Bristell B23-915 Turbo, HB-KGU of the alpine gliding school Schänis came into action in Langenthal (LSPL). We were invited to take part in glider towing comparison flights with this aircraft.

The local gliding group Oberaargau specified towing configurations in which various tows were performed. The performance data of the participating tow planes were determined. We are proud to say that the Bristell Turbo did it very well. Flown by Mike Hürlimann, who himself was significantly involved in the development of the Bristell B23 towing version, the high expectations were met and even exceeded.

The B23-915 Turbo is available with a TOST towing winch or hook and can be equipped with a larger oil cooling system on request. Thanks to the spacious and comfortable cabin and the fully equipped Garmin-«glass cockpit» including autopilot, the aircraft is also appreciated as a touring aircraft.

Bristell will be present at the Swiss Glider Day 2023 in Fribourg on November, 18th in Fribourg,

The EASA CS23 certified Bristell B23 with Rotax 912s3 (100hp) or 915iSc Turbo (141hp) engine has established itself in the Swiss market as a modern cruising and training aircraft. A total of 12 aircraft are currently flying, with a further 10 aircraft on order and due for delivery in the coming months.

As BRM Aero's Swiss representative, we will be happy to provide you with further information - also on the glider towing version.

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