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Sunny and successful first Bristell Day

Despite the blazing heat (density altitude over 4500ft), the first Bristell Day at Bern-Belp Airport was a success.

Thanks to the hangar from Alpine Sky Jets, visitors were able to examine the demonstration aircraft from Swisswings, a brand-new Bristell B23-915 Turbo with a 141hp engine and glass cockpit, in cooler and much more pleasant temperatures. However, the aircraft could not only be inspected on the ground. To experience the aircrafts in full action, trial flights were offered with two Bristells (141PS Turbo and 100PS). Although the aircrafts were the main attraction, culinary could not be left out and made the Bristell Day complete.

A big thank you to everyone who was interested in taking the path to Bern under their wings or wheels! We are delighted about the steady growth of the Swiss Bristell fleet and about the many younger and older pilots who are having great experiences with their Bristell aircrafts.

For more information about Bristell aircraft or to arrange individual trial flights, please contact us.

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