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First flight with the Bristell B23 915 Turbo through the Alps

In summer temperatures and glorious weather, I made my way to Belp, as my first flight in a Bristell B23 915 Turbo awaited me at Bern-Belp Airport. Although I am not the biggest flight enthusiast and prefer to be on the ground instead, I could not miss out on the opportunity to experience a unique flight in a Bristell B23 Turbo. After the ground check of the aircraft and the permission to take off, we slowly taxied onto the runway. The engine got louder and louder and the plane started to move until it reached an enormous speed. Only a few seconds later we were in the air and the houses on the ground were getting smaller and smaller.

The flight route led us through the Gürbental in the direction of the Alps. First, we passed the Niesen and flew towards the Blüemlisalp. On this route section I was allowed to control the airplane myself. I have never done this before and was very surprised how quick the airplane reacted to my steering. Immediately I became aware that learning how to fly is not an easy task. By being able to steer the airplane myself, I also gained great confidence in the aircraft and in flying. Although it was a great experience, I was glad to hand over the controls as we approached the peaks of the Alps.

We passed the Aletschgletscher and then flew towards the Jungfraujoch. Despite the distance, we could see the many tourists visiting the Top of Europe. Above the Jungfraujoch we turned right and passed the Eiger north face. I have never seen the north face of the Eiger from such a close distance and the enormous rock face impressed me. We continued flying towards Lake Thun and left the alpine region behind us. We passed Thun, Steffisburg, Münsingen and approached the city of Bern. After turning over Bern, we neared the runway of Bern-Belp Airport and touched down on the ground with a soft landing. It was a wonderful flight with the Bristell B23 915 Turbo and thanks to the quiet, modern and safe aircraft I felt very comfortable. It was a great experience which I will never forget.

Patrizia Jaeggi,

[This flight was offered by Swisswings, the official dealer of Bristell aircraft in Switzerland.

For further information please contact Manuel Ruchti, or

+41 79 352 91 19.]

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